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OWNERS: Mike & Fay Robbins

  Both of us had our share of restaurant experience over the years, but our first experience of owning a restaurant came in 2003. We had moved to Angelica to help Mike's sister with her restaurant, The Vintage Cafe.
  She asked us to take it over so for nine months we owned and operated the cafe. Our boys were much younger then, and we weren't spending enough quality time with them, so we decided to close and Mike returned to the farm that Mike had previously worked at in Scipio Center, 10 miles south of Auburn. Mike got injured on the job and after much physical therapy and two operations, the doctor told him he had permanent partial disability, and he could not return to the farm. We worked at different restaurants over the next few years. That added to our desire to own our own restaurant again. We looked at numerous places before birthing Good News Cafe at 900 Erie Blvd. W. on October 22, 2007.


A small diner that sat only thirty people (pictured above). It took time to build up the business because the diner had been closed for a few years. We quickly made friends and built up a good customer base. After about 18 months we noticed we were out growing the small diner and began looking for a bigger location. We looked into a few possibilties but none worked out. A customer (Carl) told us about the space in Fairmount Court and we didn't look into it right away because we didn't think it would be big enough. After much prodding we finally went and looked at the space for lease, and we thought it had great potential.

After working through all the permits & renovations we closed at our first location on October 16, 2010 and we had our Grand Opening Day at our new location on November 5, 2010


We are very happy to be serving you. We had our wonderful friends that we made from our first location that have followed us to our new one, and have made so many more friends since relocating.

Thanks to everyone that has helped make this happen,
Mike & Fay Robbins