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The Duquette Burger
Triple cheeseburger named after Josh Duquette
who at age 14 & weighing 100 pounds was the first person
to order this huge sandwich along with a side of fries
and he ate the whole thing!

The Wesley Burger
Quadruple cheeseburger, this burger is for those
who think the Duquette burger is not big enough,
that is what Wesley thought and completed the challenge!

The Shasta Burger
Five high burger, this burger is named after Chet
who ate the 2½ lb burger with fries, and then had dessert!

The Corinthian Burger
The pick up six burger was named by Lawrence
who mastered the 3 lb burger with fries!

The Bubba Burger
Seven is Heaven, Chad completed this 3½ lb burger
with fries - totally amazing!

The Little Joey "B" Burger
Joe thought eight was great, he completed the 4 lb burger with fries
in record time, and thought nine would have been fine!