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Coffee or Hot Tea 1.39 Soda (by the can) 1.39
Hot Chocolate 1.50 Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper,
White Milk        (large) 1.50 Root Beer, Orange, Sierra Mist
       (small) 1.25 Diet Pepsi, Diet Root Beer, Diet Sierra Mist
Chocolate Milk        (large) 1.75 each additional refill of soda   .90
       (small) 1.50 Ice Tea or Lemonade 1.75
Juice (apple, orange, V-8
          or cranberry juice)
1.75 Milkshakes
(vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry)
(small apple, orange, or cranberry) 1.50 Root Beer Floats 3.50

In The Beginning

Beginning Platter (4 chicken tenders, 4 mozzarella sticks, onion rings, & fries) 9.50

Mozzarella Sticks (5) 5.75 French Fries 2.25
Onion Rings 3.50 Homemade Curly Fries 2.25
Chicken Tenders (5) 5.95 Tator Tots 2.25
Wing Dings 5.95 Mashed Potato 2.25
Bowl of Soup 3.75 Cottage Cheese 1.75
Cup of Soup 2.50 Applesauce 1.75
Side Salad 2.75 Cole Slaw 1.75
Macaroni Salad 1.85 Macaroni & Cheese 2.25

In The Garden of Eden
Julienne Salad 8.25 Chicken Tender Salad 8.00
Philly Cheese Steak Salad 8.25 Grilled Chicken Salad 8.00

(8oz) Mighty Burgers
Hamburger 5.25 Veggie Burger (4oz) 5.50
Cheeseburger 5.75 Turkey Burger (4oz) 5.50
Bacon Cheeseburger 6.50 Double Cheeseburger 8.25

Patty Melt   (8oz. burger on grilled rye with swiss cheese and grilled
Pizza Burger   (8oz. burger with marinara and mozzarella on
                            grilled roll)
Texas Burger   (8oz. burger on grilled texas w/bacon, cheddar cheese
                          & BBQ sauce)
Breakfast Burger   (8oz. bacon cheese burger with one egg over hard
                          & on top)
The Glory Burger   (10oz. burger topped with bacon, cheese, lettuce,
                                & tomato, grilled onion, & thousand island
                                & dressing)
The Duquette Burger   (triple cheeseburger named after Josh Duquette
                                who at age 14 & weighing 100 pounds was
                                the first person to order this huge sandwich along
                                with a side of fries and he ate the whole thing!)
The Wesley Burger   (quadruple cheeseburger named Wesley who felt
                                the Duquette burger is not big enough and
                                completed the two pounds of beef with fries)

Warming the Soul (Hot Turkey Sand.; Hot Pork Sand.; Hot Meatloaf Sand.) 6.00
                            Hot Roast Beef Sand. 6.25 Hot Meatball Sub 5.95
Marvelous Melts (served on grilled sourdough, w/choice of meat & cheese) 5.75

Choice of: Ham, Turkey, Tuna, Roast Beef, Grilled Chicken, or Chicken Tender
(sandwiches are served w/chips; add fries for 1.95 or a side of gravy for .75¢)

Blessed Favorites
Philly Cheese Steak 6.00 Grilled Chicken 5.50
Chicken Philly 5.75 B.L.T. 4.95
Grilled Reuben 6.00 Western Egg 5.00
Chicken Parm. 6.00 Grilled Cheese 2.95
Pulled BBQ Pork 6.25 Egg Salad 3.95
Jumbo Hot Dog w/sauerkraut 4.00 Grilled Cheese 2.75

Italian Sausage (w/onions & peppers on grilled steak roll) 5.75
The Sloppy Dog (jumbo dog topped with our homemade sloppy joe
                       on steak roll)
The Warrior (grilled roast beef on grilled texas with cheddar cheese
                       & BBQ sauce)
The Keeper (grilled chicken on grilled Texas w/bacon, cheddar cheese
                       & BBQ sauce)
Chicken Cordon on Bleu (grilled chicken breast topped with ham &
                                          swiss cheese on hard roll)
The Mayor (Pulled BBQ Pork with bacon, &
              cheddar cheese on grilled hard roll)
Open Face 8oz. Steak Sandwich on grilled garlic Italian 7.50

Quesadillas (grilled chicken or chicken tender with cheddar-jack 5.25
                  cheese) (pepperoni & mozz. cheese with a side of sauce)
                  (onions, peppers, mushroom, spinach & cheddar-jack cheese)
Wonderful Wraps (grilled chicken or chicken tender with cheddar-jack cheese) 5.95
w/choice of meat, (ham, turkey, philly stk, roast beef, tuna, grilled chicken, or chicken tender)
Battle Clubs (grilled chicken or chicken tender with cheddar-jack cheese) 7.25
Choice of: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Chicken Tender, or Cheeseburger
Cold Sandwiches (served on vour choice of bread w/lettuce. tomato. & mavo) 5.25
Choice of: Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, or Tuna

(sandwiches are served w/chips; add fries for 1.95 or a side of gravy for .75¢)

Heavenly Desserts (ask about availability)
Manna from Heaven (fried dough w/ cinnamon sugar
                                        & powered sugar)
Strawberry Shortcake (fresh baked biscuits with strawberries
                                        & whipped cream)
Pies (Chocolate Cream; Coconut Cream; Boston Cream; Lemon                                     Meringue) 3.50
Homemade Cakes (ask about availability)